Responsibility only helps with the publicity for home owners of chalets and apartments in Austria who are on her website. When you want to rent a Chalet or Apartment (also called an Object) the contact at first goes mostly directly through When you agree on the terms of renting a specific object of the owner or manager of the object will contact you, the tenant. From that moment on everything (like for example bills, rental agreements, payments, complaints, etc.) will be settled and handled between the tenant and the owner or manager of the object. For that reason will never be responsible for these things concerning the rent of the object and also won’t mingle in discussions.

Prises and Tarifs
Prices are taxes included but without the costs of travel insurance and / or cancellation insurance and other costs that are not mentioned. Extra costs such as Energy, End cleaning and local taxes are mentioned separately at the objects on our website. All the right prices and tariffs are solely mentioned on the website of All mentioned prices and changes are always reserved.

In case of a late payment or the owner/manager of the object is obliged to only ask for a cash payment in advance. When the tenant pays by bank transfer the date of payment will counts as the day of receivement by or the home owner or manager. or the home owner or manager always have the right to receive a down payment before or after the signing of the rental agreement. The rental agreement is officially in order after the receivement of the down payment. With that said and/or the owner or manager are never responsible for costs of annulation, et cetera.

The tenant will always have to pay a caution. This wil be done in advance through bank transfer or on arrival at the object. Whichever the owner or manager wants. When the caution is not paid in time the rental agreement will be considered as not valid anymore. When you leave the object and you leave damage behind the first costs will be settled with the caution paid in advance. When the damage is higher than the caution then the damage will have to be paid on departure or through the insurance of the tenant The tenant must give in advance the IBAN Number und BIC Number to the owner or manager in order to refund the caution.

Description of the object
Every object is chosen carefully by The owner/manager of the object has to take care of right description of the object on the website. A deviation of this description can be 15% of the total living space and distances. The descriptions and photos and the environment of the object can change over time due to seasons, other buildings, etc. Think of different views, houses, possibilities, furnishing, etc as mentioned on the website of and/or the owner or manager are not responsible for these changes.

If you have a complaint then immediately contact the home owner or manager of the object by telephone. When the home owner or manager of the object cannot help the tenant satisfactory at the object then the tenant has to write the owner or manager within 14 days after the complaints. will not mingle in these situations because of the fact that the tenant has an agreement with the tenant and not with Because of the fact that only helps the home owner or manager with the publicity the tenant cannot hold responsible. The tenant therefore has to settle all complaints directly with the home owner or manager of the object. 

Privacy herself will never give any given personal and other data to third parties. only gives the data of the tenant to the owner of the reserved object. will protect data of customers and home owners in every possible way.